The Importance of Knowing How to Listen in Sales

Do you know how to listen? You are maybe nodding your heads to say, “Yes,” but do you really?

In sales, it is not always the one who has the gift of gab, who will make it as top salesman of the month or even a day. Why? Because, he or she might be too busy talking about the product or service they are offering to their client that they forget to listen to what the client’s needs are. A salesman who prattles is a big turnoff to potential customers.

Listening is not only pretending you are by replying every now and then or being occasionally silent when it is proper to do so. You have to give your full attention to whoever you are talking to, so you can really communicate with each other.

Be in the same level of awareness, not that you are way ahead of thinking how you can close a deal or computing your commission while your client is silently contemplating how they can politely walk you out of their door as they try to pretend interest in your presentation.

When you make a sales call, your prospect after hearing your introduction about your company and its services will not be overly interested to hear all about your company for an hour or even 15 minutes considering that they are very busy people. What benefit would it be to them if you keep on talking about something that will not give them something that they need?

Have you experienced being talked over by an overzealous salesmen that you can’t even voice your own opinion? As if they think that if they won’t allow you time to think and speak, you can be persuaded to buy their product out of frustration which is the only way to banish them from your sight.

There are some salesmen who use that technique and succeed in getting a sale, but do you think there will be a repeat order? I don’t think so. Their victims will avoid them like the plague and will not allow even their shadow to cross their threshold next time. Oh, no there won’t be a next time.

But here comes a salesman who after introducing his company, their products and services to establish that he comes from a reputable company, talks about what you can get from what he is offering to you. He inquires about your needs, your expectations and he listens to you. He gives you time to talk and he listens. There is real communication.

The salesman understands the need of his prospect, and he matches up that need with his product or services. If the prospect is amenable to his offer, they shake hands and close a deal.

That is selling for you, a two way traffic of talking and listening to get to know what the client needs and offering something to address that need.

Listening is very important in sales, because that’s the only way you can present your products or services at the right time. Be attentive to the verbal as well as the non verbal clues of the one you’re talking to. If they are currently not receptive or keeps being distracted, perhaps you can ask for another appointment. They might just appreciate you for it and be more open the next time you come around.