Sales Coaching, Do You Need It?

salescoachingSales coaching, do you need it? Well, if you’ll be honest with yourself, you’ll answer, “Yes.” But, if you think you know it all after so many years in the sales profession, you’ll probably bluster and harrumph and say, “NO, train the neophytes, they need it more than me.”

Really? Sales is a very competitive and demanding career and to keep on top of your chosen field of endeavor requires you to keep abreast with so many things in this modern times. Technology is changing so fast that you may not have mastered one of those apps in your smartphone for a new marketing strategy when another one comes up and you’ll be last of the heap if you won’t catch up fast.

Sales coaching is more than keeping up with technological advancements though, it is only a part of it. The program or training also aims to enhance and improve on what you’ve been doing for the last 10, 20 or 30 years. Your credibility or your sales prowess is not in question here, if that’s what is bugging your pride.
Actually, it’s like a refresher course that aims to infuse you with fresh ideas, new approaches, another perspective to a career that you have been so used to, that perhaps you can brag that you can sell anything on planet Earth without breaking a sweat.

Oh well, perhaps you can, but are you growing in your sales career or have you reached a plateau in your career where you haven’t budged for so many years?
Complacency is a very wrong trait if you are a salesperson, that is if you want to become a top salesman all the time. Resting on one’s laurels will not do you good in the long run. Surely, you’ve seen others fall from the top because of it.

You must drive yourself to do better always and to do that, keep on learning, never stop educating yourself. Be open to new ideas and be brave to try new trends and marketing strategies. Shying away from current trends because you think you’re already a “Pro” is a sure way to drop off the race.

If you’ll be honest with yourself, you’ll admit that you don’t know everything, that there is a knowledge gap niggling at the back of your mind that you’ve kept hidden with a false front of bravado. Don’t be ashamed to acknowledge that very human frailty, all of us don’t know everything.

That’s where sales coaching comes in handy. Your sales coach will try to fill in the gaps, push you to new heights from your comfortable plateau, introduce you to sales techniques and strategies appropriate for the times and put ACTION to the action plans you’ve been contemplating on for years , but fear or laziness put it on hold in your dreams or pushed at the bottom of your files to make it into deeds.

Do you need sales coaching? Yes you do! To keep you up your feet, to fill you up with new enthusiasm and vigor to pursue bigger and higher sales goals and most of all to give you personal fulfillment and enrichment.