Product Knowledge, How Important Is It?

salesknowledgeThe importance of product knowledge in sales is similar to going to a battle with a loaded weapon.

What will happen to you if you are at war and then an armed enemy suddenly materializes before you, fires and you can’t fire back because the gun you are holding in your hands, is empty of bullets? Will you throw the gun at the enemy and hope it will blow him into smithereens upon contact? If you’re not a ninja, for sure you’ll get killed or at the least be severely wounded.

Product knowledge is like bullets for a salesperson when meeting a prospective buyer. It enables him to counteract objections fired at him by a knowledgeable buyer who will then respect and acknowledge that you know your product very well and have the capability to guide, direct, recommend or choose the best option for them regarding the use of your product. They will know you mean business and is serious about giving them the benefits that they need.

If a salesperson doesn’t know much of his product, he can as well raise up his hand and surrender or run like a frightened dog with its tails between its legs. Forget getting a sale, because your buyer have battered down your fake walls of product knowledge if you can’t give them satisfactory answers to basic questions that you should know that will address their needs, questions, issues or concerns. No, siree they will look for another competent salesperson and buy from him.

With that in mind, here is a list of things that you need to know about your product that will help make you clinch that sale.

  • use of your product or services and what it can’t do
  • available styles, colors or model
  • history of the product and unique manufacturing process if there is any
  • how it is distributed and delivered
  • product warranty, servicing and repair information
  • your special sales proposition
  • knowledge of your competitor’s product and what it is capable of
  • your competitor’s sales proposition
  • testimonies from satisfied customers on the use of your product/service that helped improved their business
  • experience of prospects using similar products/service from another company
  • marketing trends that can affect the sales of your product

Forewarned is forearmed, so read up on your products and be ready for action.