Gain Customer Trust

customer trustTrust is the underlying reason why customers buy your product or service and keep coming back. How do you make them trust you and keep it?

We all know that it is hard to get the trust of someone but so easy to lose it. In sales, it is imperative therefore to nurture this feeling in your clients so they will continue to patronize your business.

Have their best interests at heart

When your buyers sense that you have their best interests at heart in every transaction you do with them, you are building their trust in you.

Soon, they will come to rely on you with the purchase of other products that you even haven’t offered to them. They will simply take it for granted and think that whatever products you are selling, you won’t give to them those that will not be beneficial to their needs, that you will always give them the best offer.

Deliver on your promise

A broken promise is like shattered glass that even if it gets fixed still shows its cracks. Deliver on your promise and don’t let it mar a fragile emotion such as trust because it is so hard to fix and harder to forget.

Do your best in doing your job well, don’t just talk about it so that the benefits that you said they will enjoy by doing business with them will be visible and truly effective in meeting their needs.

Being in an imperfect world, unexpected things happen that may compromise your promise, so tell them about it.

Be honest

Honesty is the still the best policy wherever you go and it applies so well in sales. If there are glitches in your product or you made a mistake with your services to them, then own up to it. Don’t hide errors from your customers who have invested in their trust in you and hope that a northeasterly wind will blow over or cover up your mess because it won’t!

Explaining to them what went wrong and how you and your company are addressing the issue will create a peace of mind that they won’t get if they hear it from someone else probably your competitor.

Failing your clients in any of these areas even once, will make your established trust shaky.
Don’t be complacent, always look out for their best interests, work hard to deliver your promise and be honest at all times. These will help you gain your customers’ trust and keep it for good.