Effective Sales Presentation Techniques

SalesPresentationtechniquesSales presentations give you and your competitors the opportunity to introduce your products and services to prospective clients with the hope of clinching a sale. How will your presentation be more effective and stand out from the rest of the pack?

Preparation is the most important factor that will make or break your sales presentation, so let’s focus on it.

Prepare yourself

Part of the preparation is preparing yourself, the presentor by showing up early in a well pressed, respectable clothes or business suit. A late, unkempt, sloppily dressed sales representative will surely draw frowns from prospective clients and will give a negative impression of you, your company and the products and services that you will be presenting to them.

Put your best foot forward and wear appropriate clothes to make you comfortable and boost your self confidence level in front of your audience and make them feel that you are respectable and can be trusted.

Prepare your presentation

A well prepared presentation that flows from one specific need and requirement of your clients to another inevitably will impress and spark the interest of your audience.

Present it with animation that shows you are confident that your product will be their best choice. Don’t drone in a monotone and drive your prospects to doze off.

Include a list of compelling reasons why your product is the best option for them, the more reasons you have, most likely it will make them consider your product or services more.

KISS. Keep it short and simple. Long presentations tend to be boring, so keep in mind that your prospects are busy people with so many things in their mind, don’t let their thoughts wander off in the middle of your report.

Prepare for the allotted time

Time your presentation so you will finish ahead of the allotted time for you, so that your prospects will have the opportunity to ask questions and raise their concerns and you will have the chance to answer and show them why your product/service is their best option.

Prepare for questions and objections

A thorough product knowledge coupled with answers to questions on pricing, delivery schemes, warranty periods, prevailing market price, competitor’s price, etc. will help you come across as knowledgeable and serious with your business. Do your homework well.

Effective sales presentations will help generate the interest of prospective clients to your products and services and use them if they answer the needs of their company. Prepare for it well by coming early in appropriate business attire, deliver your well organized and planned report centering on their needs in an animated fashion, keep it short and direct to the point, prepare for possible objections and concerns and make a list of compelling reasons why choosing your product is their best option.