The Smart Choice for Sales Coaching

When considering getting help from a sales coach or sales coaching firm like Sales Coaching Pro, we believe its important to keep four things in mind:

Selling is Not Easy

First, selling is not easy. It requires a strong leadership commitment, perseverance and a lot of hard work. It also requires knowing what to do when and how. If any one of these is missing, growing sales will be more difficult. So sales coaching is an essential ingredient for high growth. Sales Coaching Pro can provide the instruction, accountability, sales tools and methods, wisdom and encouragement needed for your company to accelerate sales and your people to thrive.

Every Company is Unique

Secondly, every company is unique. What works for one organization will likely not work best for another company, even if in the two are in the same industry. Each company has its own set of strengths and weaknesses, cultural style and differentiating characteristics. Therefore, we believe every company deserves to be treated as uniquely different. The Sales Coaching Pro Partner Group provides coaching and mentoring which is specifically tailored to fit the unique needs and requirements of your company, not sold as a standard, “one size fits all” system as other firms do.

Each Sales Professional is Unique

Thirdly, each individual in your company is unique, whether in leadership, sales or any other discipline. So we believe sales coaching and mentoring must be tailored to each individual’s role, strengths and weaknesses, skills and personal style. OverDrive Partners team with each individual in a tailored fashion with respect and care, not pressing them into a standardized sales coaching process as others do.

Growing Sales Requires the Right Sales Coach

Finally, growing sales is not a random activity. Our history with 700 companies has shown that in order to achieve top performance it’s essential that a sales coach provide the right sales process and tools, measurement and accountability needed for each company and individual. “Having a happy face when you dial” just doesn’t get it. Our coaching excellence comes not only from a) having the most robust library of intellectual property, tools and methods, but b) having the wisdom to know when to introduce which method or tool, and c) knowing how to apply it in the most impactful, encouraging and joyous way, gained through years of personal excellence in selling.

Sales Coaching Pro has a 17 year track record of building and working with sales and marketing teams to achieve top performance. As an implementing consultancy focused on revenue growth, we’ve logged hundreds of years of inside and field selling. Moreover we’ve have been directly responsible for Billions of dollars in new, top line revenue, most of it with small to mid-tier companies. You can have access to this tremendous experience on a fractional basis, affordable basis.

As a Sales Coaching client you will have direct access to the firm’s Senior Partners who will provide you will with instruction guidance and encouragement, as well as all the tools, and methods you may need for any aspect of sales, marketing, business development or customer service. You will have access to real world of street-level sales and marketing experience and to sales tools selected and tailored specifically for you by your OverDrive Sales Coach, not some dusty old “playbook” that might have worked once.

If you are serious about growing sales and want the wisest and most cutting edge thought leaders teamed with your company, then make Sales OverDrive your Partner of Choice for Sales Coaching as hundred of others have done.

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More About Sales Coaching

It's sometimes said that great salespeople are made, not born. The same could be said of great sales coaches. Being a coach is a skill, and it requires the type of work that you would expect from a mentor.

Coaches have to "take sides" and be supportive of salespeople without sugar-coating anything. Poor presentation skills, missed benchmarks, and pathetic closing rates can't just be brushed under the rug because a sales coach might hurt his sales peoples' feelings. A good sales coach has to be a friend in one sense but an impartial and objective stranger in another.

To pull all of this off, and be the kind of sales coach your sales people will look up to, you absolutely must:

Be a Good Listener

Just because you will be doing a lot of talking doesn't mean you shouldn't also do a lot of listening. In fact, listening is one of the most important things you can do as a coach. What do you listen to? Your prospect's problems. In this context, your prospects (and clients) are your salespeople. Salespeople have problems, just like every other person. Listen first, then attempt to solve problems. Coaches that preach often have a much harder time making an impact.

Ask Introspective Questions

Asking questions is an important part of the listening process, but you have to have something to listen to. By asking introspective questions, you can dig down far deeper than most people will be comfortable with. That's fine. You need to pull out negative emotions that your salespeople are dealing with so that you can figure out what the real problems are.

Introspective questions are not "hard fact" questions. You won't be asking your sales force "what numbers did you hit last week." Good questions are also not softball questions. Instead of asking "Are you feeling alright today?" say "I've noticed that your closing ratio dropped this week. What happened?" Listen to what the salesperson has to say. Follow up with, "how does this closing ratio make you feel?" and "What do you think you're capable of (and why)?"

Asking salespeople how they feel about how customers and prospects treat them is another good questioning technique. The answers will tell you a lot about where your salesperson's head is at. If you hear a lot of negativity, and blaming of the customer, this could be a sign that the salesperson is sabotaging himself. This is especially true if the negativity is accompanied by low closing ratios and constantly missed benchmarks. Painting a person into a corner with emotional questions might frustrate your salesperson, but it will also get them to face the harsh reality of poor performance.

To minimize the chance of your salesperson taking out your questioning on you, give them a fair warning that you're going to ask them some tough and challenging questions. Often times, when people are prepared for "tough questions," they're less apt to be frustrated with you. Instead, they'll focus their frustration on their own shortcomings or the situation they're in, thus providing the emotional backdrop for change.

Lead By Example

Leading by example means that you've "been there" and "done that." Don't ask your salespeople to do things that you, yourself, wouldn't do or haven't done. The best way to kill your legitimacy is by appearing fake or illegitimate. For example, if your salespeople believe you've never actually been out in the field on a sales call, it's unlikely they'll respect much of what you have to say. They will nod and smile at your criticism but they just won't take you seriously. Be able to prove that you know what it's like to walk in their shoes.

One of the best ways to do this is to tell stories about your own sales career. By demonstrating that you've been through what they're going through now, you connect with them, they'll feel a kind of "visibility" when you give them advice because you're speaking from experience and not a textbook.

Motivate Through Values

Your salespeople come to the take with existing values, preferences, biases, and goals in life. Don't fight them on it. Embrace those values. Speak to those values. As a coach, your job isn't to get your salespeople to act a certain way or believe in the things you believe in. Your job is to help them achieve their values. That's why they're hiring you - because they're struggling to accomplish what they want to accomplish.

Many sales coaches try to teach from a template. That's fine as long as that template remains just that: a template. When a coach starts painting everyone with the same brush, he loses effectiveness. Don't be that kind of coach. It's not good for you or your salespeople.

Be Available Without Being "On-Demand"

Sales coaches have to be available without looking desperate. Desperation signals to the client that you have too much time on your hands and you really need the business. If you're coaching for other companies, the best way to be available without being "on-demand" is to actually be good at what you do. Keep yourself busy with a a diverse number of clients.

Another way being "on demand" can backfire for you as a coach is the simple fact that if you're always available, salespeople will take you for granted. They might not work very hard, or they may become accustomed to you always being there so you'll become a crutch. No real personal development happens and you end up doing the salesperson's job. Not good.

Be Passionate

Passion is something that's becoming more and more rare these days. Your passion for being a coach has to shine through. A great example of a passionate person is Vince Lombardi. He's known for his famous quotes and motivational speeches. That kind of passion can't be faked.

Coaches that do fake it can often be spotted from a mile away. These types of coaches are basically just in it for the paycheck. They head for the door at 5PM, they don't take personal calls on weekends, they perpetually forget the names of the salespeople they're training, and they constantly try to come up with ways to cut corners, do less work while charging more for their services.

Have Integrity

It should go without saying that integrity is a must. It should, but it must be said in this day and age. Sales managers often have a reputation for doing whatever is necessary to get the sale. They pass this down to salespeople, and coaches are sometimes indoctrinated with this idea from their mentors as well.

Sometimes, in some sales organizations, unethical practices or questionable sales tactics take over where the motivational speeches end. Salespeople leave a sales meeting all pumped up for the day, but they haven't fundamentally changed the way they do business. In a sense, the coach has done nothing more than give them a temporary "boost" to their morale.

If you're walking into an organization where there is clearly a sales problem, integrity cannot be checked at the door. You may have to question the fundamental premises upon which the sales team operates. You may have to question the practices of everyone up to, and including, the sales manager. You might risk getting fired, but think about this for a moment: do you really want to work for an organization that is unethical or lacks integrity?

Even if you're being paid a handsome sum of money, you'll ultimately end up losing business with more reputable organizations once they learn that you've done business with the bottom of the barrel in their industry. Companies that lack integrity, but are temporarily handing out large checks to consultant and coaches to fix a sales problem, tend not to last very long. Sometimes, accepting a smaller paycheck will pay you far more in the long run. For outsourced sales solutions, visit: